Talia Gillis

Talia Gillis is a John M. Olin Fellow in Empirical Law and Finance. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in the Business Economics, a joint program of the Department of Economics at Harvard University and Harvard Business School, and a doctoral candidate in the S.J.D. program at Harvard Law School. Her research interests are household financial decision-making and the regulation of consumer finance. She has written on the ways in which financial regulators perceive their roles and test disclosures prior to their adoption. Her empirical research focuses on mental accounting and how it relates to spending and saving behavior. She is currently working on the regulation of credit markets through the enforcement of discrimination laws, when credit is priced using big data and machine learning. Her teaching interests include Regulation of Financial Institutions, Law and Economics, Corporate Law and Law and Artificial Intelligence.

Talia earned her Bachelor’s degree (LLB) in Law and Economics at the Hebrew University, and a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), a graduate law degree, from Oxford University. Prior to her PhD, Talia clerked for Justice Hanan Melcer, the Deputy Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court.