William Powley

William Powley is a Fellow of the Program on Corporate Governance. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in the Economics, Finance and Accounting Program at MIT specializing in Accounting. His current research focuses on securities litigation. Select papers include Are Star Law Firms Also Better Lawyers? (with Allen Ferrell, Katya Neretina, Alberto Manconi, and Luc Renneboog) and Other Litigation: A New Measure of Ex Ante Litigation Risk. Before joining Harvard Law School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Powey was a Research Associate with Professor Lauren Cohen and Chris Malloy at Harvard Business School. In his free time, Mr. Powley has helped inspiring entrepreneurs start and build successful businesses and non-profits. Mr. Powley earned his bachelor of arts in economics (major) and math (minor) from the University of Chicago.