Background Materials

October 2018 Roundtable

I. Current Regulatory Proposals

A. Abolishing Quarterly Reporting

B. The Regulation of Proxy Advisors

C. Federal Incorporation

D. Share Buybacks

E. Proxy Process Reform

F. Mandatory Arbitration

II. Managing Crisis and Overseeing Culture

III. Executive Compensation and Director Pay

A. Executive Pay Levels

B. Executive Pay Structures

C. Pay Ratio

D. Director Compensation

E. Gender Pay Disparity

F. 2018 Proxy Season Votes on Executive Pay

IV. 2018 Season E&S Activism

A. ESG Proposals

B. ESG Metrics and Disclosures

C. The DOL Guidance

D. Exclusion of “Ordinary Business” Proposals

E. Activists and Socially Responsible Investing

V. Investment Stewardship

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