About the Program

The Program on Corporate Governance seeks to foster research and scholarship about corporate governance and facilitate discourse in this field among academics, practitioners, and policy-makers.

The Program’s Advisory Board consists of William Ackman, Peter Atkins, David Bell, Kerry E. Berchem, Richard Brand, Daniel Burch, Paul Choi, Jesse Cohn, Creighton Condon, Arthur B. Crozier, Michael Delikat, John FinleyBruce H. Goldfarb, Joseph HallJason M. Halper, Paul HilalCarl Icahn, Jack B. Jacobs, Debra McCormack, David Millstone, Theodore Mirvis, Maria Moats, Erika Moore, Morton Pierce, Philip Richter, Paul K. Rowe, Marc Treviño, Steven J. Williams, and Daniel Wolf.

The Program’s director is Professor Lucian Bebchuk, and other Harvard Law School faculty members contributing to its activities are Robert Clark, John CoatesAlma CohenAllen Ferrell, Jesse Fried, Howell Jackson, Reinier Kraakman, Mark Ramseyer, Mark Roe, Robert Sitkoff, Holger Spamann, and Guhan Subramanian.

Also contributing to the Program’s activities are its Senior Fellows, Alon Brav, Stephen M. Davis, Assaf Hamdani, Oliver HartBen W. Heineman, Jr., Wei Jiang, and Leo E. Strine, Jr., and its Fellows, Tami Groswald Ozery, Kobi Kastiel, Leeor Ofer, Aisha SaadWanling Su, and Roberto Tallarita.

In planning events and conferences, the Program receives input from the members of its Corporate Governance Roundtable Advisory Council and of the Advisory Council of the Harvard Law School Institutional Investor Forum. The events convened by the Forum in 2021 will include a Virtual Corporate Governance Roundtable Series, consisting of virtual sessions on corporate governance issues.

The Program’s Associate Directors are Stephen Davis and Roberto Tallarita; the Program’s Director of Institutional Investor Research is Scott Hirst; and the Program’s Administrative Director is Kat Linnehan ([email protected]), and its Coordinator is Jordan Figueroa ([email protected]).

The co-editors of the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance are Kobi Kastiel, Leeor Ofer, Anna Restuccia, Wanling Su, and Roberto Tallarita.

This website also includes information about several research projects operated by the Program on Corporate Governance—the Corporate Governance Lab, the Project on Controlling Shareholders, the Project on Corporate Political Spending, the Project on Hedge Fund Activism, the Project on Institutional Investors, the Project on M&A and Corporate Control, the Project on Short-Termism, and the Project on Stakeholder Capitalism.

Some of the activities of the Program are jointly operated or co-sponsored with the Program on Law and Finance and the Program on Institutional Investors.

The Program on Corporate Governance seeks to foster research and discussion by individuals holding a wide range of views on corporate governance issues. The Program does not take any positions on such issues; all views expressed in connection with the Program’s activities should be attributed only to the individuals expressing them. The work of the Program on Corporate Governance is supported by the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance Fund.