Fellows Spring 2021 Workshop

The schedule of the spring 2021 sessions of empirical presentations by fellows is available here.

Current Fellows

Amy Frieder

Research: The relationship between campaign finance programs and diversity among elected officials.

Tami Groswald Ozery

Research: Corporate and Securities Law, Comparative Corporate Governance, Law and Development Theories (with Particular Interest in their Application in Asian and Transitional Economies), the Chinese Legal System, and Corporations Under State Capitalism

Kobi Kastiel

Research: Executive Compensation in Controlling Shareholder Companies; Unfriendly IPOs

Botir Kobilov

Research: Issues of corporate governance; behavioral biases, beliefs and expectations that influence financial decisions of capital markets participants; and how information and its disclosure plays an important role in mitigating them

Jessica Ljustina

Research: Hedge fund activism and long-term firm performance.

Gayane Matevosyan

Research: The effect of regulation on credit rating agencies following the 2008 financial crisis.

Leeor Ofer

Research: Corporate Governance, Controlling Shareholders, and Control-Enhancing Mechanisms

Maria Lucia Passador

Research: Corporate law, corporate governance, financial markets regulation, and her current research project is related to the traditional IPOs and to the alternatives available, mainly to the SPAC phenomenon.

Dev Patel

Research: How expanding the poor’s access to formal financial institutions impacts structural transformation during India’s rural banking boom.

Aisha Saad

Research: Ownership and its attendant rights and liabilities in the context of the modern corporation, and on the role of the corporation as a public actor.

Ria Sen

Research: Understanding and measuring the impact of governance issues on U.S. public pension fund performance.

Yun Soo Shin

Research: Shareholder Activism in South Korea

Wanling Su

Research: Data Driven Analysis of Unsettled Legal Questions

Roberto Tallarita

Research: Corporate Political Activity, Shareholder Voting Structures, and Corporate Law Adjudication

Johnny Tang

Research: Finance and behavioral economics, including how capital and fiduciary regulations affect financial institutions and how investor psychology affects financial markets.

Viroopa Volla

Research: The intersection of business, law, and economics.

Past Fellows

(Links provided to the webpages of those currently holding academic positions known to the program)

Oren Bar-Gill

Harvard Law School
Olin Fellow, 2000-2003
Research: Misreporting corporate performance; the costs of permitting managers to sell shares

Chen Barir

Given Imaging Limited
Olin Fellow, 1991-92
Research: An Executive Duty to Cause Corporations to be Adequately Capitalized

Michal Barzuza

University of Virginia
Research: Price Considerations in State Competition Over Corporate Charters

Laura Beny

University of Michigan Law School
Olin Fellow, 1997-2001
Research: A Comparative Empirical Investigation of Agency and Market Theories of Insider Trading, John M. Olin Discussion Paper No. 264 (September 1999).
“Do Insider Trading Laws Matter? Some Preliminary Comparative Evidence”, 7 American Law and Economics Review (2005), pp. 144-183.

Lisa Bernstein

University of Chicago Law School
Olin Fellow, 1989-90

Jonathan Borowsky

Research: Organizing mutual funds or repos with a built-in auction mechanism

John J. Bu

Goldman Sachs and Company
Olin Fellow, 1989-1990
Research: Distress-Contingent Convertible Bonds: An Alternative for Restructured Troubled Companies, 104 Harvard Law Review, No. 8 (June 1991), pp. 1857-1877.

Ryan Bubb

New York University School of Law
Considine Fellow, 2008-2009
Research: Consumer biases and firm ownership

Eli Bukspan

Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Business, Law & Technology
Olin Fellow, 1993-94
Research: Economic Aspects of Locked Control Types in Corporate Law

Laurie Burlingame

Goodwin Proctor LLP
Olin Fellow, 2005-06
Research: Getting to the Truth of the Matter: Revising the TILA Disclosure Scheme to Better Protect Customers

Federica Cadorin

Research: Participation of minority shareholders in changes of corporate control

Matthew Cain

Niccolò Calvi

Research: Corporate Governance and Issuances of New Shares

Kiwi Camara

Camara & Sibley
Olin Fellow, 2003-2004
Research: Institutional shareholder activism in corporate governance: risk incentive effect of stock options on senior management

Damien Cannavan

Erik Caspersen

Tetragon Financial Group
Olin Fellow, 1995-96
Research: Criminal Liability for Management Opportunism: A Superior Approach to Regulating Tender Offer Defenses

Stephen Choi

New York University School of Law
Olin Fellow, 1992-94
Research: Investor Liability: Financial Innovations in the Regulatory State and The Coming Revolution in Corporate Law, 107 Harvard Law Review, No. 8 (June 1994), pp. 1941-1958.

David Daniels

Research: Arguing for a compromise solution to the debate about reducing the disclosure window in Section 13(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Michael Dayan

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton
Olin Fellow, 1991-92
Research: Secondary Liability of Professionals Under the Securities Laws

Elisabeth de Fontenay

Duke Law School

Valerio Di Mascio

Research: Regulation and legal qualification of crypto tokens under US and EU securities and corporate law, and the use of blockchain technology in corporations.

Eddo Dinstein

Volovelsky Dinstein Sneh & Co.
Olin Fellow, 1991-92
Research: The Fifth Stage of Capitalism

Tijana Dvornic

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Olin Fellow, Spring 2007 (2007-08)
Research: Tax exempt organizations, hospitals

Alexandre Edde Diniz de Oliveira

Research: Trends in the Brazilian Capital Markets and their Relationship with Developments in the United States

Liran Eliner

Research: Local Bias in a Global World?

Aryeh Falk

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

Itai Fiegenbaum

College of Law at Willamette University

Kenneth Fenyo

The Sperry & Hutchinson Company, Inc.
Olin Fellow, 1991-92
Research: Insider Trading in Junk Bonds; subsequently published in 105 Harvard Law Review, No. 7 (1992), pp. 1720-40.

Allen Ferrell

Harvard Law School
Olin Fellow, 1994-95
Research: Creating a Market for Corporate Voting Rights

Michael Frakes

Duke Law School
Olin Fellow, 2002-2005
Research: Empirical corporate law and finance projects relating to various governance issues

Jesse Fried

Harvard Law School
Olin Fellow, 1990-93
Research: LBOs, Fraudulent Conveyance Law, and Efficient Transfers of Corporate Control

Stavros Gadinis

UC Berkeley School of Law
Research: SEC Enforcement against broker-dealer firms: domestic and international

Rishi Ganti

Olin Fellow, 1997-2000
Research: Do Ticker Reassignments Cause Investor Confusion?

Matteo Gatti

Rutgers University School of Law
Visiting Fellow, Program on Corporate Governance, 2003

Ryan Gavin

McKinsey & Company
Olin Fellow, 2005-06
Research: Reconceptualizing Traditional Tax Analysis

Martin Gelter

Fordham University School of Law
Olin Fellow, 2003-2004
Research: Challenging the Shareholder Primacy Norm: Shareholders vs. Stakeholders

Benjamin Gerber

Olin Fellow, 2005-06
Research: Unfettering Innocuous Benefits of Management Interlocks: Towards an Optimal Definition of “Competitors” Under Section 8 of the Clayton Act

Talia Gillis

Research: Protecting Mutual Fund Investors: Regulatory Options

David Gilo

Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University
Olin Fellow, 1994-95
Research: Partial Ownership as a Strategic Variable to Facilitate Tacit Collusion, Michigan Law Review (2000).

Yehonatan Givati

Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Olin Fellow, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09
Research: Law and Economics; Corporate Law

Tom Gole

Brandon Gold

Research: Takeover Defenses in IPOs

Rishab Guha

Research: Empirical Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics / Machine Learning

Gaurang (Mitu) Gulati

Duke Law School
Olin Fellow, 1993-94
Research: The Globalization of the Legal Market and Its Effects on Discrimination (with Vivian Fu).

Andrew Guzman

USC Gould School of Law
Olin Fellow, 1994-96
Research: National Laws, International Money: Securities Regulation in a Global Capital Market (with Stephen Choi), 65 Fordham Law Review (1997), pp. 1855.

Shachar Hadar

Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Berkman & Co.
Olin Fellow, 2001-2003
Research: Tracking Stock

Roie Hauser

Virginia Tech

Guy Halfteck

Olin Fellow, 2000-2003
Research: Securities class actions

Jeffrey Hall

Research: Privatization and government contracting

Assaf Hamdani

Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University
Olin Fellow, 1999-2001
Research: Gatekeeper liability

Sharon Hannes

Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University
Olin Fellow, 1999-2001
Research: The Missing Link in the Corporate Takeover Literature or Why Would Similar Firms Adopt Different Anti-Takeover Mechanisms (at the IPO stage)?

Scott Hirst

Boston University School of Law
Research: Corporate Charters

Joung Hwang

Olin Fellow, 2000-01

Masaki Iwasaki

Research: Whistleblower Rewards; Corporate Self-Reporting; and Outside Directors’ Liability

Robert Jackson

NYU Law School
Olin Fellow, 2003-2005
Research: Reducing the costs of monitoring regulatory compliance; the effects of Sarbanes-Oxley on systematic equity risk; the effects of short sales on shareholder voting rights

Christine Jolls

Yale Law School
Olin Fellow, 1990-94
Research: Managerial Value Diversion and Shareholder Wealth (w/ L. Bebchuk), 15 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, No. 2 (1999), pp. 487-502.

Marcel Kahan

New York University School of Law
Olin Fellow, 1986-88
Research: A Framework for Analyzing Legal Policy Towards Proxy Contests (w/L. Bebchuk), 78 California Law Review (1990), pp. 1071-1135.

Thomas Keusch


Vikramaditya (Vic S.) Khanna

The University of Michigan Law School
Research: Better Early than Late: An Economic Analysis of the Timing of Disclosure of Preliminary Merger Negotiations.

Eithan Kidron

Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University

Matthew Kim

Research: Public and Investor Perceptions of Corporate Criminal Sanctions

Daniel Klaff

Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen
Olin Fellow, 2006-08
Research: Economic Explanations for the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation in the Context of Bankruptcy Law

Israel Klein

Michael Komenda

CCO Capital
Research: Economic efficiency and consistency of the current approach to civil penalty amounts by securities regulators

James Kwak

University of Connecticut School of Law
Fellow of the Program on Corporate Governance, 2011-2012
Research: Regulation of pension plan investment offerings under ERISA; the politics of federal government deficits
Improving Retirement Savings Options for Employees“, John M. Olin Fellows’ Discussion Paper No. 42 (February 2012)

Hao Liang

Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Adi Libson

Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

Amir Licht

IDC Herzliya
European Corporate Governance Institute Olin Fellow, 1995-98
Research: International Diversity in Securities Regulation: Some Roadblocks on the Way to Convergence, 20 Cardoza Law Review, No. 1 (September 1998), pp. 227-285.

Katerina Linos

Berkeley Law
Olin Fellow, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
Research: Social learning and the development of corporate law

Sam Lite

Research: Identifying the Effects that Private Equity-Led Small-Practice Consolidation has had on Prices and Services, Using Dentistry As a Test Case

Larry Locke

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Olin Fellow, 1989-90
Research: After the FIRREA: An Analysis of the Savings and Loan Industry After the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989, Harvard Olin Discussion Paper No. 71 (May 1990)

Dorothy Shapiro Lund

USC Gould School of Law
Research: A law and economics analysis of Judge Rakoff’s decision to block a settlement between SEC and Citigroup.

Haim Machluf

Herzog, Fox & Neeman
Research: The internal affairs doctrine

William Magnuson

Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody

Demetrio Maltese

Università Bocconi
Research: Conflicts of Interests in Public Companies’ General Meetings

Jeffrey Manns

George Washington University School of Law
Research: Property law and corporate law

Gordon Moodie

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz
Research: Forty Years of Charter Competition: A Race to Protect Directors from Liability?

Balaji Narain

Research: Disaggregation of firms, shareholder derivative suits, federal regulations

Jim Naughton

UVA Darden
Considine Fellow, 2007–2008, 2009–2010
Research: Securities fraud law and trading volume

Ophir Nave

Tadmor & Co. Yuval Levy & Co.
Olin Fellow, 2003-2004
Research: The Importance of Shareholder Votes in Takeover Law, Economic Analysis of Taking Law

Yaron Nili

University of Wisconsin Law School
Research: Independent Directors or the New “Insiders”—the Limited Case for Capping Board Tenure

Noam Noked

Faculty of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research: The interaction between corporate taxation and corporate governance

Stephen O’Brien

Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal
Olin Fellow, 1989-91
Research: Is Insider Trading Beneficial to the Stock Market?

Adi Osofsky

Jihwon Park

Research: Compliance Programs and Corporate Misconduct; The Costs and Benefits of Meeting Management Privately

Maria Lucia Passador

Bocconi University
Visiting Fellow, 2016-17
Research: List (or slate) voting and the importance of being independent in the boardroom

Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang

Silviu Pitis

Research: Managing incentives in the international arena

William Powley

Research: Securities Litigation

Kenneth Reinker

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
Olin Fellow, 2004-2005
Research: Stock returns and judicial decisions, how do they relate, what empirical evidence can be found

June Rhee

Yale School of Management

Morgan Ricks

Vanderbilt Law School
Fellow of the Program on Corporate Governance, 2010-2012
A Regulatory Design for Monetary Stability“, John M. Olin Discussion Paper, No. 706 (September 2011)
Reforming the Short-Term Funding Markets“, John M. Olin Discussion Paper, No. 713 (May 2012)

Utkarsh Saxena

Research: The Impact of Poor Contract Enforcement and Regulatory Frictions on Firm Growth in Developing Countries

Miriam Schwartz-Ziv

Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University
Fellows of the Program on Corporate Governance

Matthew Schoenfeld

Burford Capital
Research: Sovereign credit default swaps

Tomer Shadmy

Roy Shapira

IDC Herzliya
Research: A Reputational Theory of Corporate Law

Greg Shill

University of Iowa College of Law
Research: The Golden Leash and the Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty

Nitzan Shilon

Peking University School of Transnational Law
Research: Stock Ownership Policies — Rhetoric and Reality

Michael Simkovic

USC Gould School of Law
Olin Fellow, 2006-07
Research: Did sunlight disinfect open market repurchases? An empirical study of false signaling since the 2003 SEC Disclosure Requirement

R. Christopher Small

University of Toronto
Research: Corporate governance and taxation

Holger Spamann

Harvard Law School
Olin Fellow, 2009-2011
Research: Derivatives & moral hazard in corporate finance

Lars Stole

Chicago Booth
Olin Fellow, 1988-1991
Research: Do Short-Term Managerial Objectives Lead to Under- or Over-Investment in Long-Term Projects? (w/L. Bebchuk), 48 Journal of Finance, No. 2 (June 1993), pp. 719-729.

Guhan Subramanian

Harvard Law School
Olin Fellow, 1997-98
Research: Using Capital Cash Flows to Value Dissenters’ Shares in Appraisal Proceedings, 111 Harvard Law Review No. 7 (May, 1998), pp. 2099-2116.

Evan Tarte

Research: Determinants of Defined Benefit Pension Plan Withdrawals and the Impact of Said Withdraws on Company Profitability

Shaud Tavakoli

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Research: Impact of consumer tax credits on affected companies during 08-10 economic downturn

Avishalom Tor

University of Notre Dame
Olin Fellow, 1998-2003
Research: The Behavioral Law and Economics of Corporate Governance and Control

Andrew F. Tuch

Washington University School of Law
Olin Fellow, 2008-2012
Research: Professional regulation of investment bankers

Anthony Uccellini

Olin Fellow, 2006-07
Research: Mergers and acquisitions, disclosure, corporate governance, Sarbanes-Oxley, regulation

Pierre-Hugues Verdier

University of Virginia Law School
Olin Fellow, Summer 2008 (2007-08)
Research: The rise of hedge funds: an evaluation of regulatory concerns and international governance proposals

J. W. Verret

George Mason University School of Law
Olin Fellow, 2004-2005
Research: Reform in the mutual fund industry through changes in SEC regulation and its effects on fund return

Brian D. Vito

Herringbrook Advisors LLC
Senior Fellow, 2017
Co-Editor, Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, 2017
Research: Alternative investment funds

Viroopa Volla

Research: Food Security, By Looking at the Mergers of Dow & DuPoint, ChemChina & Syngenta, and Bayer & Monsanto

David Walker

Boston University School of Law
Olin Fellow, 1997-98
Research: Rethinking Rights of First Refusal, 5 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance No. 1 (Spring 1999), pp. 1-58.

Jeremy Weisman

Charles C.Y. Wang

Harvard Business School

Soo J. Yim

Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering
Olin Fellow, 1991-92, 2004-2005
Research 2004-05: Intersections between capital markets regulation and corporate governance, focusing on share supply dynamics and pricing in the areas of short selling and initial public offerings.
Research 1991-92: Government Intervention and Regulation in Emerging Stock Markets: A Case Study of the Korean Stock Exchange

Aluma Zernik