Speakers & Events

This page lists all talks on corporate governance issues given by outside speakers in Harvard Law School courses, seminars, and events organized by corporate faculty and fellows.


Sept. 12 Jared Elias (HLS) and Kobi Kastiel (HLS and Tel-Aviv)
Employee Bankruptcy Trauma, The Rise of Bankruptcy Directors
Sept. 12 Vyacheslav Fos (BC Carroll School of Management)
The Political Polarization of Corporate America
Sept. 14 Zohar Goshen (Columbia Law School)
Hedge Fund Activism 
Sept. 19 Jared Elias (HLS)
Employee Bankruptcy Trauma 
Sept. 19  Robert Jackson Jr. (NYU)
Regulatory Leakage Among Financial Advisors, Accountability of Foreign Insiders
Sept. 21 Kristin Drake (Dimensional), Dylan Eldridge (Vanguard), Kellie Huennekens (Capital Group), and Mike McCauley (Florida SBA)
Institutional Investor Stewardship
Oct. 3 Elisabeth Kempf (HBS), Alma Cohen (HLS)
Political Ideology and International Capital Allocation, Gender and Politics in the Executive Suite
Oct. 3 Raj Chetty (Harvard)
Improving Equality of Opportunity in America: New Insights from Big Data
Oct. 6 Kai Liekefett (Sidley)
Activism Defense
Oct. 11 Kobi Kastiel (HLS and Tel-Aviv), Lucian A. Bebchuk (HLS)
Investor Social Responsibility Preferences, Stakeholder Capitalism in the Time of COVID
Oct. 11 Haggai Porat (HLS)
Behavior-Based Price Discrimination and Consumer Protection in the Age of Algorithms
Oct. 13 William Ackman (Pershing Square)
Hedge Fund Activism
Oct. 20 Roberto Tallarita (HLS)
Systemic Stewardship
Oct. 24 Alma Cohen (HLS)
Judging Under Public Pressure
Oct. 24 Lauren Cohen (HBS)
Anti-Bribery Enforcement
Oct. 24 Joel Goldberg (PerkinElmer Corp)
Oct. 26 Brian Schorr (Trian Partners)
Hedge Fund Activism
Oct. 27 Theodore N. Mirvis (Wachtell)
The Triumph of Takeover Defenses
Oct. 31 Alon Brav (Duke Faqua School of Business)
Hedge Fund Activism 
Nov. 7 Christine Jolls (Yale Law School)
The Administrative Procedure Act and the Supreme Court
Nov. 14 David Thesmar (MIT Sloan) and Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth)
Private Sanctions 
Nov. 16 Leo Strine Jr. (Wachtell)
The Future of Corporate Law and Governance
Nov. 21 Nick Zarcone (LKQ Corp)
Nov. 29 Andrew Rossman and Christopher Kercher (Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan)
Jan. 23 Kathy Spier (HLS) and Albert Choi (University of Michigan)

Liability for Non-Disclosure in Equity Financing
Jan. 24 Mark Roe (Harvard Law School) and Charles Wang (Harvard Business School)
Are Public Firms Disappearing? Corporate Law and Market Power Analyses
Jan. 30 Shaoda Wang (Chicago)

Judicial Independence, Local Protectionism, and Economic Integration: Evidence from China

Jan. 31 Yonathan Arbel (University of Alabama School of Law) and Michael Gilbert (University of Virginia School of Law)

Truth Bounties: A Market Solution to Fake News

Feb. 6 Joel Goldberg (PerkinElmer)

Problems in Contract Design

Feb. 7 Xinyu Hua (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) and Kathryn Spier (Harvard Law School)

Holding Platforms Liable

Feb. 13 Jann Spiess (Stanford)

Unpacking the Black Box: Regulating Algorithmic Decisions

Feb. 14 Steven Shavell (Harvard Law School)

An Alternative to the Basic Causal Requirement for Liability under the Negligence Rule

Feb. 21 Keith Hylton (Boston University School of Law)


Feb. 22 Peter Weinberg (Perella Weinberg Partners)


Feb. 28 Michael Francus (Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School)

Designing Designer Bankruptcy

Mar. 6 Scott Baker (Washington University)

A Theory of the Reasonable Person Standard

Mar. 7 Louis Kaplow (Harvard Law School)

Horizontal Merger Analysis

Mar. 21 Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard Law School), Kobi Kastiel (Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law) and Anna Toniolo (Postdoctoral Fellow, Program on Corporate Governance, Harvard Law School)

How Twitter Pushed Stakeholders under the Bus

Mar. 27 Winnie van Dijk (Harvard Economics Dept.)

Measuring Effects of Conviction and Incarceration on Recidivism using Multi-Treatment Random Judge Designs

Mar. 28 Jared Ellias (Harvard Law School)

Employee Bankruptcy Trauma

Apr. 3 Vikrant Vig (Northwestern)

Decomposing Fire Sale Discounts

Apr. 3 Mike Harmon, Brad Faris, Peter Labonski, and Gregory Robins (Latham & Watkins)

Understanding Transactional Documents (Part I)

Apr. 4 Mike Harmon, Brad Faris, Peter Labonski, and Gregory Robins(Latham & Watkins)

Understanding Transactional Documents (Part II)

Apr. 4 Zehua Li, Julian Nyarko (both of Stanford Law School) and Sarath Sanga (Harvard Law School)

The Terms of Freedom: Black Labor Contracts in the Reconstruction South

Apr. 11 Caley Petrucci (Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School) and Guhan Subramanian (Harvard Law School; Harvard Business School)

ESG Amnesia in M&A Deals: The Case of Musk and Twitter

Apr. 11 Mike Harmon, Brad Faris, Peter Labonski, and Gregory Robins (Latham & Watkins)

Pierre Foods

Apr. 12 Bill Savitt (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz)


Apr. 17 Malcolm Baker (HBS) and Mark Egan (HBS)

How Do Investors Value ESG?

Apr. 18 John Donohue, Samuel Cai, Matthew Bondy (all of Stanford Law School) and Philip Cook (Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy)

Why Does Right-to-Carry Cause Violent Crime to Increase?


Sept. 7 Oren Bar-Gill (HLS)
Manipulation By Mislaid Priorities
Sep. 9 Jesse Fried (HLS)
China and the Rise of Law-Proof Insiders
Sept. 13 Oren Bar-Gill (HLS)
Manipulation by Mislaid Priorities
Sept. 14 Holger Spamann (HLS)
Law Matters – Less than We Thought
Sept. 16 Harsh Marti (Warburg Pincus)
Private Fund Structure
Sept. 20 Zoë Cullen (HBS)
The Equilibrium Effects of Pay Transparency
Sept. 21 David Walker (BU)
Tax Complexity and Technology
Sep. 22 Oliver Hart (Harvard) and Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth)
Stakeholder Capitalism Driven by Investor Preferences
Sept. 22 Kai Liekefett (Sidley)
Activism Defense
Sept. 23 Vivek Ramaswamy (Roivant Industries)
Stakeholder Capitalism
Sep. 23 Josh Cammaker (Wachtell) & Ben Kanovich (Bredin Prat)
Shareholder Activism in the US and Europe
Sep. 27 Shai Bernstein (HBS)
Reputation Spillovers in Venture Capital and on
How Economic Downturns Affect Talent Flow to startups
Sept. 28 Allen Ferrell (HLS)
Household Securities Litigation
Sep. 29 Einer Elhauge (HLS)
The Case for Corporate Discretion
to Advance Stakeholder Interests
Sep. 30 Roberto Tallarita (HLS)
Portfolio Primacy and Climate Change
Sept. 30 Leo E. Strine, Jr. (Wachtell)
Stakeholder Governance
and Institutional Investor Stewardship
Oct. 5 Jared Ellias (University of California)
The Rise of Bankruptcy Directors
Oct. 7 Mark Lebovitch (Bernstein Litowitz)
Oct. 12 Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth)
What Purpose Do Corporations Purport?
Evidence from Letters to Shareholders
Oct. 12 Trung Nguyen (HBS)
The Effectiveness of White Collar Crime Enforcement
and on Learning from Corporate Fraud and Corporate Governance Spillovers
Oct. 13 Robert Eccles (SASB & Oxford University) and Ethan Rouen (HBS)
Corporate Purpose Statements and Integrated Reporting
Oct. 14 Randy Baron (Robbins Geller)
Oct. 14 Randy Baron (Robbins Geller)
Oct. 14 John Finley (Blackstone)
Registration (PE: The Business)
Oct. 18 Lauren Cohen (HBS)
The ESG-Innovation Disconnect and the Strategic Use of Titles
Oct. 19 Henry Smith (HLS)
Modeling Legal Modularity
Oct. 21 Paul Singer (Elliott Management)
Hedge Fund Activism
Oct. 21 Jared Elias (Hastings)
The Rise of Bankruptcy Directors
Oct. 25 Lawrence Summers (Harvard)
Rethinking How We Score Capital Gains Tax Reform
Oct. 26 Nick Stephanopoulos (HLS)
Aligning Election Law
Oct. 27 William Savitt (Wachtell)
Stakeholder Governance in the Corporate Boardroom
Oct. 27 Allison Herren Lee (SEC)
The Work of the SEC
Oct. 28 Rachelle Silverberg (Wachtell)
Oct. 28 Doug Madden (Warburg Pincus), Gwen Reinke (Vista), and Madeleine Russo (Blackstone RE)
Control Environment (CCOs)
Nov. 1 Kathy Spier (HLS)
Holding Platforms Liable
Nov. 1 Scott Hirst (BU)
Shareholder Voting and Whether investors Care about Social Responsibility
Nov. 2 Lucian Bebchuk (HLS)
On Stakeholder Capitalism
Nov. 4 Ben Colton (State Street Global Advisors) & Carolina San Martin (Wellington Management)
Institutional Investor Stewardship
Nov. 4 Hester Peirce (SEC)
ESG Disclosures
Nov. 4 Jen Duggins (SEC)
Nov. 8 Lucian Bebchuk (HLS)
The Forgotten Stakeholder
Nov. 9 Crystal Yang (HLS)
The Impact of Criminal Records on Employment, Earnings, and Tax Outcomes
Nov. 10 Jonas Kron (Trillium Asset Management), Leslie Samuelrich (Green Century Funds), Mari Schwartzer (NorthStar Asset Management), and Tim Smith (Boston Trust Walden)
Socially Responsible Investment and Stewardship
Nov. 10 William Ackman (Pershing Square)
Hedge Fund Activism
Nov. 11 Ethan Klingsberg and Meredith Kotler (Freshfields)
Board Oversight and Shareholder Demands for Books and Records
Nov. 11 Chris Green (Bain), Christina Lema (Vista), Neena Reddy (Blue Owl), and Alex Benjamin (Cerberus)
Legal Environment (GCs)
Nov. 15 Mihir Desai (HLS/HBS)
A Better Way to Measure Shareholder Returns and Managerial Performance
Nov. 16 Scott Hirst (BU)
Investor Initiation in Corporate Governance
Nov. 18 John P. Del Monaco and Matt Solum (Kirkland & Ellis)
Nov. 23 Louis Kaplow (HLS)
Replacing the Structural Presumption
Nov. 30 Caley Petrucci (HLS)
Equal Treatment Agreements: Theory, Evidence & Policy
Dec. 2 Y. Carson Zhou and John L. Hardiman (Sullivan & Cromwell)


Sep. 8 Howell Jackson (HLS) and Steven Schwarcz (Duke Law)
Protecting Financial Stability: Lessons from
the Coronavirus Pandemic
Sep. 10 Karen Karniol-Tambou (Bridgewater)
and Vivian Lau (One Tusk)

What Private Funds Do
Sep. 14 Christian Leuz (Chicago Booth)
Adoption of CSR and Sustainability Reporting Standards:
Economic Analysis and Review
Sep. 16 Meredith Kotler and Ethan Klingsberg (Freshfields)
Family Dollar Merger Litigation
Sep. 17 Stephen M. Vine (Akin Gump)
Basic Fund Structure
Sep. 17 Scott Barshay (Paul Weiss)
and Sabastian Niles (Wachtell Lipton)

Sep. 23 Michal Barzuza (Virginia)
Index Funds’ ESG Stewardship
Sep. 24 Michael Schmidtberger (Sidley)
Fund Documents & Terms
Sep. 24 Ken Frazier (Merck)
The (Inevitable) Intersection of Business
& Social Issues/Politics
Sep. 29 Lisa Bernstein (University of Chicago Law)
& Brad Peterson (Mayer Brown)

Managerial Contracting: A Preliminary Study
Sep. 30 Randy Baron (Robbins Geller)
In re PLX Technology, Inc. Stockholders Litigation
Oct. 1 Ted Mirvis and Sabastian Niles (Wachtell Lipton)
M&A and Corporate Governance
Oct. 5 Oliver Hart (Harvard) and Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth)
Exit vs. Voice
Oct. 7 Robert J. Jackson, Jr. (NYU)
The Work of the SEC
Oct. 7 Doru Gavril (Freshfields)
Diversity Litigation
Oct. 8 Leo E. Strine, Reilly S. Steel, and
Kirby M. Smith (Wachtell Lipton)

Corporate Governance and ESG
Oct. 8 Mo Cowan (GE) and Desiree Ralls-Morrison
(Boston Scientific)

The Role of Business in Fighting Racism and Inequality
Oct. 8 Christoph Englisch (EnTrust Permal), Mark Steed and
Jennifer Carlino (Arizona Public Safety
Personnel Retirement System)

Institutional Investor Concerns
Oct. 14 Alex Edmans (LBS), Oliver Hart (Harvard),
and Martin Lipton (Wachtell Lipton)

Stakeholder Capitalism
Oct. 14 Joel Friedlander (Friedlander Gorris)
Fresh Market
Oct. 15 Kai Liekefett (Sidley) and Greg Taxin (Spotlight)
Activism Defense
Oct. 15 Jack Brennan (Vanguard) and David Curran (Paul Weiss)
Isn’t ESG Every Company’s Business?
Oct. 15 Paul Roth (Schulte Roth & Zabel) and Joel Press (Press Management)
Management Company Operations
Oct. 21 Joshua S. Friedman (Canyon Partners)
Law and Investment Decisions
Oct. 21 David Berger (Wilson Sonsini)
Dual Class and Controlling Shareholder Litigation
Oct. 22 Amber Kagan (GE) and Al Rosa (Google)
Organizational Integrity
Oct. 22 Vijay Mohan (Sixth Street) and Jason Dillow (Bardin Hill)
Investment Transactions
Oct. 28 David Berger (Wilson Sonsini)
Oct. 28 Paul Singer (Elliott Management)
Hedge Fund Activism
Oct. 29 Isaac Corre (Governors Lane), Matthew Mark, and David Millstone (Standard Industries)
Using Legal Knowledge to Make Investment Decisions
Oct. 29 Brad S. Karp (Paul Weiss)
Relationships with the Financial Services Industry
Nov. 5 Sandra Moser (Morgan Lewis)
Individual Versus Organizational Accountability
Nov. 10 Jill Fisch (UPenn) & Steven Davidoff Solomon (Berkeley)
Should Corporations Have a Purpose?
Nov. 11 Charles Elson (University of Delaware) and Ed Rock (NYU)
Director Duties Toward Stakeholders
Nov. 11 Josh Cammaker (Wachtell Lipton) and Ben Kanovich (Bredin Prat)
Nov. 11 Paul Cellupica (SEC)
Recent Developments at the SEC
Nov. 12 Ryan VanGrack (Citadel) and Chris Weideman (Apollo)
Funds’ Roles in Markets
Nov. 16 Manisha Padi (Berkeley)
Fiduciary Duty and the Market for Financial Advice
Nov. 17 Sarah Reed (RA Capital)
Venture Capital
Nov. 18 Vivek Ramaswamy (Roivant Sciences)
Stakeholder Capitalism
Nov. 18 Mark Lebovitch (BLB&G)
GCI Liberty/Liberty Broadband merger
Nov. 19 Matt DiGuiseppe (State Street), Tom Elliott (Capital Group), and Timothy Smith (Boston Trust Walden)
Investor Stewardship
Nov. 19 Marc Pillemer (Blackstone) and Johannes Kaps (HS Group)
Seeding & Manager M&A
Nov. 19 Joel Goldberg (PerkinElmer)
Problems in Contract Design
Nov. 24 Eric Seiler (Friedman Kaplan), Tariq Mundiya (Wilkie Farr) and Dennis Friedman (Gibson Dunn)
Dealmaking in Times of Crisis
Jan. 12 Jeremy Fine, Christian Lymn, and Brendan Herron (Uber)
Doing the Deal – Deal Process in Practice
Jan. 13 Guhan Subramanian (HLS)
Understanding and Negotiating Merger Agreements
Jan. 25 David Hirshleifer (University of California-Irvine)
Social Transmission
Jan. 25 David Hirshleifer (University of California-Irvine)
Social Transmission
Jan. 26 Louis Kaplow (HLS)
Replacing the Structural Presumption
Jan. 27 Joshua Mitts (Columbia Business School)
Insider Trading and Index Fund Behavior
Feb. 1 Itay Goldstein (The Wharton School)
The Real Effects of Modern Information Technologies
Feb. 1 Itay Goldstein (The Wharton School)
The Real Effects of Modern Information Technologies
Feb. 2 Allison Hoffman (UPenn Law School), Howell Jackson (HLS) & Amy Monahan (University of Minnesota Law School)
A White Paper on a Public Option for Employers
Feb. 8 Nadya Malenko (University of Michigan)
Corporate Governance in the Presence of Active and Passive Delegated Investment
Feb. 8 Nadya Malenko (University of Michigan)
Corporate Governance in the Presence of Active and Passive Delegated Investment
Feb. 8 Maya Zerjal Fink (Arnold Porter)
Debtor-Creditor and Intercreditor Issues
Feb. 9 Michael Klausner (Stanford Law) & Michael Ohlrogge (NYU Law)
A Sober Look at SPACs
Feb. 10 Emiliano Catan (NYU)
Party Structure of Mutual Funds
Feb. 10 Andrew Weissmann (Jenner & Block)
Government Criminal Investigations
Feb. 16 Joel Goldberg (PerkinElmer)
Problems in Contract Design
Feb. 16 Henry Smith (HLS)
Equity as Meta-Law
Feb. 16 Daniel Goodman (Cerberus Capital Management)
Fraudulent Transfers
Feb. 17 Kathryn Ruemmler (Goldman Sachs)
Corporate Internal Investigations
Feb. 17 Robert J. Jackson, Jr. (NYU)
Broker Behavior
Feb. 17 Denis McInerney (David Polk)
Corporate Criminal Trials and Constitutional Rights
Feb. 22 Alma Cohen (HLS)
Politics and Gender in the Executive Suite
Feb. 23 Jesse Fried (HLS)
Rights Offers and Delaware Law
Mar. 2 Mark Roe (HLS)
Corporate Purpose and Corporate Competition
Mar. 3 Robert Bartlett (Berkley)
Consumer Lending Discrimination and Algorithmic Discrimination
Mar. 8 Jean Tirole (Toulouse School of Economics)
The Morality of Markets and the Nature of Competition
Mar. 9 Yun-chien Chang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) & Daniel Klerman (USC Law School)
Settlement Rates Around the World
Mar. 9 Matthew Hammond (DOJ Antitrust Division)
Walmart, Amazon and Economies of Scale and Scope
Mar. 10 Professor Jonah Gelbach (Berkley)
Statistical Significance in Securities Fraud Litigation.
Mar. 22 Philip Bond (University of Washington)
Silence Is Safest: Non-Disclosure When the Audience’s Preferences Are Uncertain
Mar. 22 Mike Harmon, Brad Faris, Peter Labonski, and Gregory Robins (Latham & Watkins)
Understanding Transactional Documents
Mar. 23 Lucian Bebchuk (HLS)
For Whom Corporate Leaders Bargain
Mar. 24 Natasha Sarin (UPenn)
Corporate Crime and Punishment
Mar. 24 Eugene Soltes (HBR)
Corporate Compliance Programs
Mar. 24 Katy Choo (General Electric)
Corporate Compliance Programs
Mar. 30 Mark Ramseyer (HLS) & Eric Rasmusen (Indiana University)
Ostracism in Japan
Mar. 30 Travis Laster (Delaware Court of Chancery)
Topics in Corporate Law
Apr. 5 Matthew Hammond (DOJ Antitrust Division)
Lysine, Antitrust, and Collusion
Apr. 6 Kyle Rozema (Washington University)
Does Discipline Decrease Police Misconduct? Evidence from Chicago Civilian Allegations
Apr. 7 Leo Strine (Wachtell Lipton)
Fiduciary Duties & ESG
Apr. 12 Patrick Bolton (Columbia Business School)
Global Pricing of Carbon-Transition Risk
Apr. 13 Daniel Kelly (Notre Dame School of Law)
Double Deterrence: On Disgorgement and Punitive Damages in Trust Law
Apr. 19 Evan K Rose (Microsoft)
How Does Incarceration Affect Crime? Estimating the Dose-Response Function
Apr. 20 Guhan Subramanian (HLS & HBS) & Caley Petrucci
Deals in the Time of Pandemic
Apr. 20 Dennis J. Friedman (Gibson Dunn) and Tariq Mundiya (Wilkie Farr & Gallagher)
Dealmaking in a Volatile Environment


9/4/2019 Jeffrey Katz (Ropes & Gray)

OTK v. Kalisman

9/10/2019 Kenneth C. Frazier (Merck)

The (Inevitable) Intersection Of Business
& Social Issues/Politics

9/11/2019 Jesse Fried (HLS)

Stock Buybacks and Short-Termism

9/11/2019 Charles Wang (HBS)

Short-Termism and Capital Flows

9/11/2019 Scott Hirst (BU)

Index Fund Stewardship

9/12/2019 Andrew Wright and John O’Neil (Kirkland & Ellis)

Structuring an Onshore Private Fund

9/16/2019 Josh Lerner (HBS)

The Social Impact of Private Equity
Over the Economic Cycle

9/18/2019 Mark Lebovitch (Bernstein Litowitz)

Straight Path

9/18/2019 Eugene Soltes (HBS)

Evidence from SEC Financial Fraud Investigations

9/19/2019 Marcel Kahan (NYU)

Index Funds and Corporate Governance

9/23/2019 Robin Lee (Harvard)

Will the Market Fix the Market? A Theory of Stock
Exchange Competition and Innovation

9/24/2019 Sabastian V. Niles (Wachtell Lipton)

The Purpose(S) of Corporations

9/25/2019 Jerome Fortinsky (Shearman & Sterling)

Representing PRC-Based Companies in US

9/25/2019 Kai H.E. Liekefett (Sidley Austin)

Defending Against Hedge Fund Activists

9/25/2019 Tyler Gellasch (Healthy Markets)

The JOBS Act: The Cost of Going Public

10/2/2019 Peter Welsh & Martin Crisp (Ropes & Gray)

Constituency Statutes and Corporate Stakeholders

10/2/2019 Georgios Serafeim (Columbia Law School)

Corporate Sustainability: A Strategy?

10/2/2019 Gary Gensler (MIT Sloan)

Bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings,
and New Ways of Raising Capital

10/3/2019 Ted Mirvis (Wachtell Lipton)

M&A and Corporate Governance

10/8/2019 Michal Barzuza (Virginia)

Long-Term Bias

10/8/2019 Eve Tahmincioglu (Directors & Boards Magazine)

Corporate Cultures – Aren’t Integrity & ESG Every Company’s Business?

10/9/2019 Michael Piwowar (Milken Institute)

Emerging Issues in Public Markets

10/16/2019 Robert Jackson, Jr. (SEC & NYU)

Does Revlon Matter?

10/16/2019 David Webber (BU)

The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon

10/16/2019 Robert Jackson, Jr. (SEC & NYU)

The Work of the SEC

10/17/2019 Sean Griffith (Fordham)

Mutual Funds and Shareholder Litigation

10/21/2019 Elisabeth Kempf (Chicago)

Litigating Innovation Evidence from Securities Class Action Lawsuits

10/22/2019 David Berger (Wilson Sonsini)

Dual Class

10/23/2019 Meredith Kotler (Cleary Gottlieb)

CBS-National Amusements

10/23/2019 Alon Brav (Duke School of Business)

Proxy fights: How Mutual Fund Voting Shapes Proxy Contests

10/28/2019 David Pitofsky (News Corp)

Conducting an Internal Investigation

10/30/2019 Scott Hirst (BU)

The Rise of Index Funds

10/31/2019 Jennifer Duggins (SEC)

Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts

11/4/2019 F. Joseph Warin (Gibson Dunn)

Corporate Criminal Trials/Sentencing

11/6/2019 Doug Eby (Cambridge Science)

Biotech startups

11/6/2019 Jim Kreissman (Simpson Thacher)

U.S.-China Cross-border Litigation

11/7/2019 Brian Schorr (Trian Partners)

Hedge Fund Activism

11/8/2019 Charlie Penner (JANA)


11/13/2019 Robert Jackson, Jr. (SEC & NYU)

Trading Markets: What Do We Do About Big Data and Public Policy?

11/19/2019 Steven Solomon (Berkeley)

Does Revlon Matter? An Empirical and Theoretical Study

11/19/2019 Susan Rohol (Warner Brothers Entertainment)
The Duties of Doing Business with Data
11/19/2019 Steven Solomon (Berkeley)

Does Revlon Matter? An Empirical and Theoretical Study

11/19/2019 John P. Del Monaco (Kirkland & Ellis)

Walworth vs. Mu Sigma Litigation

11/20/2019 Brad Karp (Paul Weiss)


11/21/2019 Steve Peikin (SEC)

Securities Enforcement Issues

11/21/2019 Kent Greenfield (BU)

Corporations are People Too

11/21/2019 Ciara Torres-Spelliscy (Stetson)

Corporate Citizen? An Argument for the Separation
of Corporation and State and Political Brands

1/28/2020 Edward Fox (Michigan)

Is There a Delaware Effect for Controlled Firms?

2/4/2020 Mark Roe (HLS)

The Power of the Narrative in Corporate Law

2/24/2020 Mike Harmon (formerly Oaktree Capital), Johan Brigham,
Peter Labonski, & Greg Robins (Latham & Watkins)
Understanding Transactional Documents
3/2020 Madison Condon (Boston University)

Climate Change and the Big Three

3/2/2020 Raffaella Sadun (HBS)

Firm Boundaries and Delegation

4/7/2020 Leo Strine (HLS)

Dell MBO

4/14/2020 Howell Jackson (HLS)

Pandemics and Systemic Financial Risk

4/21/2020 Lisa Bernstein (Chicago)

Managerial Contracting: A Preliminary Study


9/4/2018 Mark Roe (HLS)
Stock Market Short-Termism’s Impact
9/12/2018 Charles Wang (HBS)
Staggered Boards/Index Creation and Corporate Behavior
9/13/2018 Ben Kanovitch (Bredin Prat) &
Josh Cammaker (Wachtell Lipton)

Transatlantic Shareholder Activism
9/20/2018 Matt Schoenfeld (Burford Capital)
Appraisal Litigation in Delaware
9/24/2018 Vicente Cuñat (London School of Economics)
Price and Probability: Decomposing the Effects of
Anti-takeover Provisions
9/26/2018 Zohar Goshen (Columbia)
Principal Costs / The Death of Corporate Law
9/26/2018 Lauren Cohen (HBS)
Buying the Verdict/Lazy Prices:
9/27/2018 Jeffrey Katz (Ropes & Gray)
OTK v. Kalisman
10/1/2018 Jack Jacobs (Sidley Austin), Gil Sparks (MNAT),
Dave McBride (Young Conaway), Larry Hamermesh
(Penn) & Guhan Subramanian (HLS)

Mergers & Acquisitions: Who Decides?
10/1/2018 Ryan Bubb (NYU)
The Party Structure of Mutual Funds
10/3/2018 Jonathan Macey (Yale)
Citizens United and the Corporation
10/3/2018 Joshua Mitts (Columbia)
Informed Trading
10/4/2018 Matthew Mallow (BlackRock)
Index Fund Stewardship
10/4/2018 Jane Goldstein (Ropes & Gray)
Current Issues in Corporate Governance
10/10/2018 Sam Glasscock III (Delaware Chancery Court)
The Delaware Chancery Court
10/11/2018 Marc Goldstein (ISS)
Proxy Advisors
10/15/2018 Jim Woolery (King & Spalding), Bill Lafferty
(Morris Nichols), Ted Mirvis (Wachtell Lipton),
Paul Rowe (Wachtell Lipton) &
Gary A. Bornstein (Cravath)

The Death of “Enhanced” Scrutiny?
10/22/2018 John Finley (Blackstone), Marni Lerner
(Simpson Thacher) & Gary Barancik (PWP Partners)

Contract v. Fiduciary Duty Principles?
Buy-Side Deal Protections
10/22/2018 Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard)
Shadow Banking and the Four Pillars of Traditional Financial Intermediation
10/23/2018 Lucian Bebchuk (HLS) and Scott Hirst (BU)
Index Funds and the Future of Corporate Governance: Theory, Evidence, and Policy
10/25/2018 Kai Liekefett (Sidley Austin) & Sabastian Niles (Wachtell Lipton)
Defending Against Activist Hedge Funds
10/25/2018 Jim Kreissman (Simpson Thacher)
Cross-border M&A Litigation
10/26/2018 Brian Schorr (Trian Partners)
Hedge Fund Activism: The Perspective of Brian Schorr
10/29/2018 Lande Alexandra Spottswood (Vinson & Elkins), Brandon Van Dyke (Skadden Arps) & Laura Knoll (Skadden Arps)
The Merger Agreement as a Contract
10/29/2018 Doron Levit (Wharton)
Myopic Shareholders
10/31/2018 Ted Mirvis (Wachtell Lipton)
M&A and Corporate Governance: The Perspective of Ted Mirvis
10/31/2018 Colleen Honigsberg (Stanford) & Robert Jackson (SEC)
Activist Directors/Misbehaving Brokers:
11/1/2018 Stuart Grant (Grant & Eisenhofer)
Plaintiff Litigation and Delaware Law: The Perspective of Stuart Grant
11/5/2018 Rick Climan (Hogan Lovell)
The Merger Agreement as a Contract
11/7/2018 Jesse Fried (HLS)
Short Termism
11/8/2018 Sabastian Niles (Wachtell Lipton)
Defending Against Short-Sellers
11/12/2018 Ronald Masulis (University of New South Wales)
Mitigating Effects of Gender Diverse Boards
11/12/2018 Lou Kling (Skadden Arps) & Eileen Nugent (Skadden Arps)
Sell Side Deal Protections: How Can You Get What You Want or at Least What You Need?
11/14/2018 Issac Corre (Governors Lane) & David Millstone (Standard Industries)
Law and Investment Decisions
11/14/2018 Nickolay Gantchev (SMU)
Shareholder Democracy/Empire Building:
11/19/2018 Fabrizio Ferri (U. of Miami)
Investors’ Perceptions of Activism via Voting: Evidence from Contentious Shareholder Meetings
11/19/2018 Robert Clark (HLS), Faiza Saeed (Cravath), Paul Cappuccio (Warner Media Group), Joe Frumkin (Sullivan and Cromwell), & Priya Dogra (Warner Media Group)
A Real World Example of The Legal and Business Challenges Created By Regulatory Risks and Delays: The Time-Warner-AT&T Merger
11/20/2018 Jesse Fried (HLS) & Charles C.Y. Wang (HBS)
Short-Termism and Capital Flows
11/26/2018 David Katz (Wachtell Lipton) & Scott Simpson (Skadden Arps)
Nuts and Bolts of Comparative US/EU M&A Law
12/3/2018 Andre G. Bouchard (Delaware Court of Chancery), Bill Lafferty (Morris Nichols), Tariq Mundiya (Willkie) & James Stynes (Deutsche Bank)
The Importance of Integrity and Good Faith in Corporate Law
1/29/2019 Guhan Subramanian (HLS) and Annie Zhao (HBS)
Go-Shops Revisited
2/4/2019 Karen Karniol-Tambour (Bridgewater) & Vivian Lau (One Tusk)
What Does a Fund Do?
2/12/2019 Joel Goldberg (PerkinElmer)
Problems in Contract Design: Incentives
2/12/2019 Jesse Fried (HLS) and Ehud Kamar (Tel Aviv)
Alibaba and the Rise of Law-Proof Insiders
2/18/2019 Michael Gerstenzang (Cleary Gottlieb) & Michael Schmidtberger (Sidley Austin)
Fund Documents & Terms
2/19/2019 Lisa Bernstein (University of Chicago)
Contract Governance in Small World Networks: The Case of the Maghribi Traders
2/25/2019 Thomas A. Hickey III (Foley & Lardner) & Sharmila Kassam (Employees Retirement System of Texas)
Fund Documents & Terms: Institutional Investor Concerns
2/25/2019 Mike Harmon (formerly Oaktree Capital), Brad Faris (Peter Labonski) & Greg Robins (Latham)
Understanding Transactional
2/25/2019 Sarath Sanga (Northwestern)
Network Effects in Corporate Governance
2/26/2019 Oren Bar-Gill (HLS) and Omri Ben-Shahar (University of Chicago)
An Information-Costs Theory of Default Rules
3/11/2019 Jason Dillow (Bardin Hill), Vijay Mohan (TPG) & Timothy D. Rampe (Lovell Minnick)
Investment Transactions
3/11/2019 Oliver Hart (Harvard)
Overcoming Contractual Incompleteness: The Role of Guiding Principles
3/12/2019 C. Scott Hemphill (NYU) and Marcel Kahan (NYU)
The Strategies of Anticompetitive Common Ownership
3/25/2019 Robert J. Jackson, Jr. (SEC)
Funds’ Role in the Economy
3/25/2019 Raymond Kluender (MIT)
The Economic Consequences of Bankruptcy Reform
3/26/2019 Holger Spamann (HLS)
Indirect Investor Protection
4/2/2019 Tom Bayliss (Abrams & Bayliss) & Bill Savitt (Wachtell Lipton)
Starz-Lions Gate
4/3/2019 Doug Leeds (EAT Club)
Finance Process; Pitching Your Business: The Executive Summary
4/8/2019 Birger Wernerfelt (MIT)
The Existence and Nature of Multi-Business Firms: Double Specialization and Neighboring Businesses
4/11/2019 Jeff Bussgang (Flybridge Capital) & Bijan Sabet (Spark Capital)
VC negotiations
4/15/2019 Paul Meister (Revlon) & Linda Lin (HLS)
Buyouts by Controlling Shareholders: Olenik; MFW
4/15/2019 Matthew Shaffer (HBS)
Truth and Bias in M&A Target Valuations: Appraising the Appraisals
4/22/2019 Chris Hadley (Berkshire)
US Anesthesia-Berkshire Partners


Apr. 12 Ted Mirvis (Wachtell)
Apr. 11 Robert J. Jackson, Jr. (SEC)

SEC Policymaking

Apr. 10 Dhammika Dharmapala (Chicago)
The Impact of Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility
Apr. 9 Nickolay Gantchev (SMU Cox School of Business)
Do Activists Turn Bad Bidders into Good Acquirers?
Apr. 6 Chris Leich, Steve Shay & Room Watson (Ropes & Gray)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Apr. 5 Bill Anderson (Evercore) & Jim Rossman (Lazard)
Activism Defense
Apr. 4 Paul Hilal (Mantle Ridge LP)
Hedge Fund Activism
Apr. 3 Menesh Patel (Columbia)
Does Insider Trading Law Change Behavior?
Mar. 29 Eduardo Gallardo (Gibson Dunn), Amy Park (Skadden)
Poison Pills
Mar. 29 Vinita Sithapathy & Matthew Herman (Freshfields)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Mar. 28 Ben Heineman (HLS)
Corporate Governance and the Inside Counsel
Mar. 27 John C. Coffee, Jr.  (Columbia)
The Agency Cost of Activism
Mar. 22 Susan Baker (Trillium), Constantina Bichta (BCAM),
Chris Davis (Ceres), Matt DiGuiseppe (SSGA), &
Guy Rolnik (Chicago Booth School of Business)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Mar. 21 Richard Brand (Cadwalader) & Kai Liekefett (Sidley)
Hedge Fund Activism
Mar. 20 Chris Mann (Sullivan & Cromwell)
Project Finance
Mar. 7 Jesse Fried (HLS)
Short-Termism and Capital Flows
Mar. 1 Einer Elhauge (HLS)
Horizontal Shareholding
Feb. 28 Oliver Hart (Harvard)
Companies Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare
Not Market Value
Feb. 27 Robert Sitkoff (HLS)
When May a Fiduciary Engage in Environmental, Social,
and Governance Investing?
Feb. 26 Johnathan Robertson (TG Capital)

Private Equity

Feb. 22 Guhan Subramanian (HLS)
Feb. 22 Melissa Sawyer, Joe Matelis, Samantha Hynes (Sullivan & Cromwell)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Feb. 21 Joshua Mitts (Columbia Law)
Activist Directors
Feb. 13 John Coates (HLS)
Reverse Termination Fees in M&A
Feb. 6 Cindy Alexander (George Mason)
Does Conviction Matter? The Reputational and Collateral Effects of Corporate Crime
Jan. 31 Sean Doherty (Bain Capital)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Jan. 29 Joshua Angrist (MIT)
Uber vs. Taxi
Jan. 22 Nicole Boyson (Northeastern)
Hostile Resistance to Hedge Fund Activism
Dec. 4 David Katz (Wachtell), Scott Simpson (Skadden)

Nuts and Bolts of Comparative US/EU M&A Law

Nov. 28 Rachelle Silverberg (Wachtell)

New Trends in M&A Litigation

Nov. 27 Charles Wang (Harvard)
Can Staggered Boards Improve Value? Evidence from the Massachusetts Natural Experiment
Nov. 21 Kobi Kastiel (HLS)

The Perils of Small-Minority Controllers
Nov. 13 Rick Climan (Hogan Lovells)

The Merger Agreement As A Contract II

Nov. 7 John Armour (Oxford)

The Promise and Perils of Crowdfunding: Between Corporate Finance and Consumer Contracts

Nov. 7 Eduardo Gallardo (Gibson Dunn), Keith Meister(Corvex)
Commonwealth REIT Consent Solicitation
Nov. 6 Brandon Van Dyke (Skadden), Laura Knoll (Skadden)
The Merger Agreement as a Contract I
Oct. 31 Lucian Bebchuk (HLS)

Controlling Shareholders

Oct. 31 Joel Friedlander (Friedlander & Gorris)
Stockholder Litigation
Oct. 30 Bill Lafferty (MNAT), Bill Savitt (Wachtell), Tariq Mundiya (Willkie, Farr & Gallagher), Josh Targoff (Third Point), Brian Schorr (Trian Partners)
The Current State Of Play?
Oct. 24 Allison Bennington (ValueAct)
Activism and Investor Stewardship
Oct. 17 Randy Baron (Robbins Geller)

In re Dole Food Co. Inc Stockholder Litigation

Oct. 3 Scott Hirst (HLS)
Universal Proxies; Private Ordering in Securities Regulation
Sept. 26 Jeffrey Katz and Annie Hancock (Ropes & Gray), Jesse Boodoo (Mass AG)

OTK v. Kalisman

Sept. 19 Jonah Gelbach (University of Pennsylvania)
The Logic and Limits of Event Studies in Securities Fraud Litigation
Sept. 19 Eugene Soltes (HBS)
White Collar Crime and Corporate Compliance Programs
Sept. 18 Richard Holden (UNSW/Harvard)
Network Capital
Sept. 12 Ben Kanovitch (Bredin Prat), Josh Cammaker (Wachtell)
Transatlantic Shareholder Activism
Sept. 12 Addam Gerchen (President, Burford Capital)
Litigation Finance/Appraisal Arbitrage in Delaware



Apr. 20 Stan Ragalevsky (K&L Gates)
Apr. 18 Allen Ferrell (HLS) and Will Powley (MIT)
Litigation Profiles of Firms
Apr. 6 Paul Singer
Hedge Fund Strategies’ Externalities, Positive and Negative
Mar. 31 Michele Johnson (Latham)
Mar. 30 Kevin O’Connor (Point72 Asset Management)
Insider Trading and Risk Management
Mar. 23 Sir Paul Tucker (The Systemic Risk Council)
Hedge Funds and Systemic Risk
Mar. 20 Jonas Svedlund (GE Ventures)
Corporate Venture Capitalists: GE Ventures as a Case Study
Apr. 13 Paul N. Roth (Schulte Roth & Zabel), Michael A. Gerstenzang (Cleary Gottlieb)
Hedge Funds’ Myriad Intersections with the Financial Services Industry
Mar. 9 Stephen M. Vine (Akin Gump)
Why hedge funds look like they do; hedge fund regulation
Mar. 1 Charlie Wang (HBS)
Introduction to Empirical Methods
Feb. 9 Marcel Kahan (NYU)
Introduction to Empirical Methods
Jan. 17 Dr. David Hung (Medivation)
Takeovers in the Target’s Boardroom
Jan. 13 Norman Chambers (NCI Building)
Duress and Distress Transactions
Jan. 9 David Lenhardt (PetSmart)
LBO’s and Going-Private Transactions
Dec. 5 James Stynes (Deutsche Bank), Howard Ellin (Skadden Arps)
Financial Advisors: Can’t Live With Em, Can’t Live Without Em?
Nov. 29 David Katz (Wachtell Lipton), Toby Myerson (Paul Weiss), Scott Simpson (Skadden Arps)
Cross-Border Deals in the EU
Nov. 28 David Katz (Wachtell Lipton), Toby Myerson (Paul Weiss), Scott Simpson (Skadden Arps)
Nuts and Bolts of Comparative US/EU M&A Law
Nov. 21 Bill Lafferty (MNAT), Bill Savitt (Wachtell Lipton), Tariq Mundiya (Willkie, Farr & Gallagher), Josh Targoff (Third Point), Brian Schorr (Trian Partners)
How Shareholder Activists Stimulate M&A Activity
Nov. 14 Lou Kling (Skadden Arps), Eileen Nugent (Skadden Arps), Faiza Saeed (Cravath), Rob Spatt (Simpson Thacher)
Certainty versus Nominal Price
Nov. 8 Rick Climan (Weil Gotshal)
The Merger Agreement As A Contract II
Nov. 7 Brandon Van Dyke (Skadden Arps), Lande Spottswood (Vinson & Elkins)
The Merger Agreement as a Contract
Oct. 26 Greg Taxin (Spotlight Advisors)
Hedge Fund Activism
Oct. 24 John Finley (Blackstone), Susan Hassan (Valor Equity Partners), Marni Lerner (Simpson Thacher)
Contract v. Fiduciary Duty Principles? Deal Protections
Oct. 20 Brian Cheffins (University of Cambridge)
The Transformation of the Public Company
Oct. 13 Rob Jackson (Columbia Law School)
The Value of Takeover Defenses
Oct. 6 Stephen Davis (HLS)
What They Do With Your Money
Oct. 5 Josh Mitts (Columbia Business School)
Securities Disclosures
Paula Price, Bill Mostyn and Warren McFarlan
Director’s Panel
Sep. 28 Ben Heineman
Corporate Governance and the Inside Counsel
Sep. 15 Ted Mirvis (Wachtell Lipton)
The Law and Director’s Duties
Sep. 2 Rakhi Kumar (State Street Global Advisors)
Nature of U.S. Shareholders and Their Goals


Apr. 21 Peter Lattman (The New York Times)

The Future of the Fund Industry

Rob Wagman, President & CEO, Walter Hanley, Head of M&A & Victor Casini, General Counsel (LKQ Corp)

Cross-Border Acquisitions: LKQ

Apr. 18 Oren Sussman (Said Business School)

The Privatization of Bankruptcy: Evidence from Financial Distress in the Shipping Industry

Steven Rosenblum (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz)

Management Buyouts: Dell MBO

Derrick Farrell (Faruqi & Faruqi & Shannon Hopkins, Levi & Korsinsky)

Deal Presentation: Comverge-HIG

Eileen Nugent & David Rievman( Skadden Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom)

Inversions: Endo-Paladin

Apr. 7 Solomon Noh (Shearman & Sterling); Jason Dillow (Halcyon Capital Management)

The Roles of Internal and External Counsel With Respect To Key Investment Strategies Employed By Large Hedge Funds

Garrett B. Moritz (Seitz Ross Aronstam & Moritz LLP); Joe Podraza (Sprague & Sprauge)

Deal Process Design: The Sale of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Eduardo Gallardo & Brian Lutz, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Hostile Takeovers: Depomed-Horizon

Mar. 31 James McGovern (United States Attorney’s Office); John Nathanson (Shearman & Sterling)

Regulatory Concerns, Including Insider Trading

Mar. 29 Michal Barzuza (Virginia)

Adverse Selection in Corporate Governance Choices

Mar. 10 Paul N. Roth (Schulte Roth & Zabel)

Establishment and Operation of Management Companies and Partnerships

Mar. 8 Arevik Avedian (Harvard)

Corporate Governance and the Creation of the SEC

Feb. 4 Stephen M. Vine (Akin Gump)

Structure of Funds

Feb. 2 Guhan Subramanian (HLS)

Deal Process Design in Management Buyouts

Feb. 1 Kenneth Ahern (USC)

Information Networks: Evidence from Illegal Insider Trading Tips

Dec. 7 Chancellor Andre G. Bouchard (DE Court of Chancery), James C. Morphy (Sullivan Cromwell)

Role Reversal: What Looks Different From The Other Side Of The Bench?

Dec. 2 Ryan McCloud

Dan Loeb vs. Sotheby’s

Nov. 30 William [Bill] Lafferty (MNAT), Bill Savitt (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz), Tariq Mundiya (Wilkie, Farr & Gallagher), Josh Targoff (Third Point), Domenico De Sole (Tom Ford Brand)

Recent Forms of Shareholder Activism

Nov. 23 David Katz (Wachtell Lipton, Rosen & Katz), Toby Myerson (Paul Weiss), Scott Simpson (Skadden Arps)

Nuts and Bolts of Comparative US/EU M&A Law

Nov. 18 David Berger (Wilson Sonsini) and Steve Wolosky (Olshan Frome Wolosky)

Shareholder Activism

Nov. 17 Elisabeth de Fontenay (Duke University)

Market Information and the Elite Law Firm

Nov. 17 Mark Roe (HLS)

The Perspective of Mark Roe

Nov. 16 Lou Kling (Skadden Arps), Eileen Nugent (Skadden Arps), Faiza J. Saeed (Cravath), Rob Spatt (Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett)

Certainty versus Nominal Price

Nov. 16 Ted Mirvis (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz)

Boards, Shareholders and Takeovers – The Perspective of Ted Mirvis

Nov. 11 Dan Gallagher

The SEC, the Pay-Ratio Rule, and the Dodd-Frank Clawback

Nov. 11 Deborah Paul (Wachtell Lipton, Rosen & Katz), Tom Brennan (HLS)

Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions

Nov. 10 Rick Climan (Weil, Gotshal)

The Merger Agreement as a Contract

Nov. 10 Commissioner Kara Stein (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission)

The Perspective of Kara Stein

Nov. 9 Andrew Lo (MIT)

The Gordon Gekko Effect: The Role of Culture in the Financial Industry

Nov. 9 Brandon Van Dyke (Skadden Arps), Lande Spottswood (Vinson & Elkins)

The Merger Agreement as a Contract

Nov. 4 Boris Feldman (Wilson Sonsini)

Derivative Suits

Nov. 4 Diane Mulcahy (Kauffman Foundation)

VC Performance and Returns: The Data

Nov. 3 Ben Heineman (Harvard)

Corporate Integrity, Trust and Performance – The Perspective of Ben Heineman

Nov. 2 Greg Varallo (RLF), Patricia Vella (MNAT), Rachelle Silverberg (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz), Mark Morton (Potter Anderson)

The Metaphysics Of Fiduciary Outs: The Intricacies Of A Concept Run Amok

Oct. 28 Denes Ban (OurCrow)

Equity Crowdfunding

Oct. 27 Rebecca Henderson (HBS)

The Perspective of Rebecca Henderson

Oct. 27 Paul Cappuccio (Time Warner), Annaliese Kambour (Time Warner), Doug Phillips (Time Warner), Priya Dogra (Time Warner)

Spin-offs in Practice: Goals, Rules, and Problems

Oct. 27 Jill Fisch (University of Pennsylvania)

Does Majority Voting Improve Board Accountability?

Oct. 26 Brian Schorr (Trian Fund Management)

Hedge Fund Activism – The Perspective of Brian Schorr

Oct. 26 John Finley (Blackstone), Scott Davis (Mayer Brown), Susan Hassan (Skadden Arps)

Contract v. Fiduciary Duty Principles?

Oct. 21 Mitchell Presser (Freshfields), Paul Schnell (Skadden)
Perspectives on Taxes
Oct. 21 Isaac Corre (Governors Lane)

The Mylan Plays

Oct. 20 Assaf Hamdani (Hebrew University)

Incentive Fees and Competition in Pension Funds

Oct. 20 Glenn Booraem (Vanguard Group, Inc), Matt Filosa (Morgan Stanley), Aeisha Mastagni (CalSTRS)

The Perspectives of Institutional Investors

Oct. 19 Doron Levit (Wharton)

Corporate Control Activism

Oct. 19 Theodore N. Mirvis (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz), Paul Rowe (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz)

The Death of Enhanced Scrutiny?

Oct. 19 Robert Jackson (Columbia Law School)

Trading and Information – The Perspective of Robert Jackson

Oct. 19 Theodore N. Mirvis (Wachtell Lipton, Rosen & Katz)

The Law and Director’s Duties

Oct. 14 Rachelle Silverberg (Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz)

Exclusive-Forum Bylaws and Disclosure-Only Settlements

Oct. 9 Assaf Hamdani (Hebrew University)

Making Independent Directors Work

Oct. 7 Alan Goudiss (Shearman & Sterling)

Zales M&A Litigation

Oct. 5 John Coates (HLS)

Corporate Political Speech – The Perspective of John Coates

Oct. 2 Charlie Penner (Jana Partners)

Activist Director Compensation

Sep. 30 Jeffrey Katz and Jesse Boodoo (Ropes & Gray)

Morgans Hotel Control Battle

Sep. 23 Vicki Sato (HBS), Wendy Lane (Willis Group Limited), David Fubini (HBS), Warren McFarlan (HBS)

The Directors Panel

Sep. 15 Mark Roe (HLS)

Financial Markets and the Political Center of Gravity