John M. Olin Fellowships in Empirical Law and Finance

2022-23 John M. Olin Fellowships in Empirical Law and Finance

  • To foster student research and study in the area of empirical law and finance
  • Any JD, LLM or SJD student at Harvard Law School, any PhD student at GSAS, and any DBA student at Harvard Business School, who has a strong interest in empirical law and finance
  • Fellowship Period. One academic year (Successive fellowship years are possible, but another application is necessary.)
  • Amount of Award. $5,000

Fellowship Requirements

  • Fellows are required to make a significant commitment of time and effort to research in the area of empirical law and finance that will result in a research paper (which may be a for-credit research paper or a not-for-credit research paper).
  • Fellows are required to attend the sessions of the HLS course on empirical law and finance, which will meet for 6 two-hour sessions on Mondays 4:15 – 6:15 during the first two months of the fall semester, as well as the fall session of the HLS workshop on law, economics, and organization. (Students, however, are not required to register for credit for these courses.)
  • A progress report is due by the end of February of the fellowship year. Research papers or a draft thereof are due by June 15 at the end of the fellowship year.
  • The fellowship amount will be paid in three parts, $1,000 in December 2022, $2,000 in March 2023, and $2,000 in June 2023 with each part paid upon satisfaction of applicable fellowship requirements.

Application for a Fellowship

Applicants should send an email to [email protected], and attach as PDF files with the following materials:

  • A cover letter providing a brief description of the applicant’s background and interest in empirical law and finance
  • A current curriculum vitae including any HLS/HBS/GSAS grades.
  • A brief (2-5 page) proposal regarding the research and writing the applicant intends to accomplish during the fellowship
  • If available, a copy of previously completed empirical research papers

Submission of Applications

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis as they come in.